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Class SocketUtil


public class SocketUtil
extends Object

A shorthand way to create BufferedReaders and PrintWriters associated with a Socket.

Taken from Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages from Prentice Hall and Sun Microsystems Press, http://www.coreservlets.com/. © 2000 Marty Hall; may be freely used or adapted.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static BufferedReader getReader(Socket s)
          Make a BufferedReader to get incoming data.
static PrintWriter getWriter(Socket s)
          Make a PrintWriter to send outgoing data.
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Constructor Detail


public SocketUtil()
Method Detail


public static BufferedReader getReader(Socket s)
                                throws IOException
Make a BufferedReader to get incoming data.


public static PrintWriter getWriter(Socket s)
                             throws IOException
Make a PrintWriter to send outgoing data. This PrintWriter will automatically flush stream when println is called.

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